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We provide email service, though you can use this custom email several ways.

1.      Main email and have all your other existing email(s) forwarded to it;

2.      Use it in conjunction with your existing email(s) by adding the email address to your phone or your email program;

3.      Pick up your email by going to Godaddy’s email server called WorkSpace;

4.      Forwarding to your existing email address.  (i.e. would be forwarded to
Since there is no storage the charge is only $15.00 for 5 years for “Forwarding” a custom email address.


For a list of available names click here: Email Domain List.


We will provide you with a 3 month free trial with 100MB of storage.  Should you want to continue this service the cost per year as follows:

            100MB $7.50 per year

            500MB $10.00 per year

            1000MB $15.00 per year

            Unlimited $20.00 per year

Should you need more than 100MB of storage during the 3 month trial period.  Just email us at and we will gladly upgrade your account.


Send payment to SpeedeNames, PO Box 624, Washougal, WA 98671 after 90 day trial period.



Here’s your instruction to set up account:

1.      Send 2 names of the custom email address you wish to have to For a list of domains go to Email Domain List.

2.      “Forwarding” to an existing email address.  Send 2 names and the email address you want to have it forwarded to.

3.      We will send you a confirmation reply advising you that the account is set up.  Then go to Godaddy’s WorkSpace and sign in using your email address.  The password will be you email name (i.e. the pass word is tom)

4.      Once into WorkSpace change your password and set up your account with the following instructions:

5.      If you have any problems contact Godaddy or email me



We know you have many options for sending and receiving email messages, but we're pretty proud of Web-Based Email. Check it out for yourself.

With Web-Based Email, you can check your messages from any computer equipped with an Internet connection and Web browser, and enjoy robust spam, virus and fraud protection. Plus, you can customize Web-Based Email to your exact specifications. There's a feature for everyone.

Take a moment and check out the features. We think you'll like them. For more information about using Web-Based Email, see our help center.

The first thing you should do is go to Godaddy’s WorkSpace  and sign in with your email address your password is your name.  Please change your password after log in.

You can always get to Web-Based Email here. Save this link to your favorites or bookmarks for easy access.

In addition to Web-Based Email, you can get your email through a desktop client or mobile device. Pick one (if your preferred client is not here, check out that help center we mentioned):

Thank you for being a Web-Based Email customer. We're available 24-7 to help you with any questions regarding your email. Call us at (480) 505-8877.


The Web-Based Email Team